Disable SSC for Xavier NX PCIex4

We need to disable SCC for a PCIe camera, I found the following thread:
Tegra NX PCIe Reference Clock Design - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Xavier NX - NVIDIA Developer Forums
but could not find the dtsi file “tegra194-bpmp-p2888-uphy.dtsi” from Jetson SDK or kernel source.
Where can I find the dtsi file? Is there instructions of building the (bootloader?) dtb file?
I have built kernel Image and DTBs but not bootloader DTB.
Thanks in advance.

DT source file can be found at ./platform/bpmp-t19x/include/parts/uphy/tegra194-bpmp-p2888-uphy.dtsi location whereas the equivalent DTB file can be found at Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref location (which can be recompiled back to a dtsi file, make required modifications and then compile it back to DTB file)

How do I find “clock id” of PCIex4 for different L4T versions if I add the section and recompile DTB? I still can’t find the "tegra194-bpmp-p2888-uphy.dtsi " file, please provide more details about where to find it and how to build boot loader dtb from dtsi.


Please follow step to step from comment to disable SSC in Jetson NX devkit M.2 KeyM x4 slot.


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