Dlss plugin went to read mode 5.4.2

Hello, i had working dlss plugin for the first use- after restart editor couldnt enable command “ngx enable 1”. Got error only jn read mode. So i was no able to run on my project .How i can fix that and where? Ive tried add into shortcut -ngxenable but didnt work. Project run on source build of the engine and Plugin is in project folder.Thank you in advance for help.

Hi there @my3sg3 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

r.NGX.enable has been read-only since UE 5.1 or even earlier if I remember correctly. See also the documentation DLSS_Super_Resolution_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf.

The comment can be overriden on the command line with -ngxenable should still hold. Where do you put that and how?

Also, if possible, always share log output for all DLSS and Streamline related tags from the Output Log.


Hi Thank you! Ive tried type after command like that ngx.enable.1 -ngxenable and also tried with “1” also seperate and added into project shortcut .exe command line as i said before, if there need to be added into config ini file please guide. The strange thing is after first plugin installation there were no issues . It happens after restarting editor and now cant enable and Engine log say this : error “is read mode only” in stat GPU command there is no DLSS line also no reaction when switching presets and techonologies- So Iam sure it doesnt work properly Would be cool for tutorial if i did override command wrong . Thank you in advance Have a nice day.Will send you all data later in the topic

Hello i fixed the problem - I had hard set CVAR for AA mode to 0 (another plugin overwritten that setting that comes from BP). So i disabled it and now can use all that Awesome technology to boost my project.
One more question UE can follow frame calculation that comes from Frame Generation feature? i Get today 4070 Ti Super and “stat fps” show 100 fps less than FG stats? If i can synchronize how i can do that? ;) Thank you in advance!

Great to hear that you could solve this!

The FPS stats inside UE do not actually “see” the generated fames from DLSS-FG so that stat does not have any way to know the final FPS numbers.

Best of luck with your project!