Domain randomization of an object shape


I am trying to make the random shapes of an object using ‘Domain randomization’ in Omniverse IsaacSim.

In the paper I referenced, I confirmed that a deformed object file was created by modifying the vertices of the CAD file.(below image and referenced paper link)

Is there any function to implement that process in Isaac Sim?

If not, could you recommend any method to simplify this process?

Thank you.

Good question, I’m running into this problem myself. As far as I can tell, there isn’t great tooling for deforming USD Prims in Pixars SDK / Isaac Sim.

Your best bet might be using the library of your choice to generate a large number of deformed mesh files and set your meshList.

Candidate libraries capable of applying your deformation include

Here’s my solution for non-uniform deformation. Generate thousands of deformed variants of your mesh based on two parameters randomly generating a deformation spline.

Still experimenting with using this for Isaac Sim. Hopefully this helps.