Driver for CUDA on ION Can't find the driver


I’m searching for a CUDA driver for ION, running under Windows XP.

Are there drivers yet? If so, where can I download them?


That wasn’t very helpful.

I’m using that driver on the website, and have installed toolkit and sdk, 2.3 version.

My problem is whenever I try to compile and execute a small cuda code, even just for initializing, I got “CudaError in the memory address …” errors. SDK examples don’t work for me.

Any help?

That doesn’t sound like a driver problem to me. I have a couple of MCP79 (also known as Ion) based boards, and they work with the standard release driver perfectly, although admittedly I haven’t tried them under Windows XP.

I found the solution.

I installed CUDA version 2.3, but the driver had CUDA 2.2 installed. Easy enough, I just installed toolkit and SDK 2.2 and now everything works.