driver problem for geforce 8600m GT

hi there,

I m trying to install toolkit 4.1 on my computer :
XP 32b , geforce 8600 gt , dell vostro 1500 (I noticed that there was an issue with dell’s lenovo and xps but not vostro )

toolkit 4.1 and
gpu sdk are being installed properly with no problem,

I could not install the latest version of developers WinXP Desktop (ver. 286.19), it says it could nt find any compatible hardware, but as far as I checked geforce 8600 is CUDA compatible, so apparently I m not able to run it on my notebook ,

could you please suggest me the latest version that is working on notebook ?

I manually upgraded the driver to the latest version which is 266.58 , 1.7.2011 , it installed successfully , but the bandwidthtest.exe failed to even detect the GPU,

any suggestions ?

thank u in advance,

alright , i got it , it was just me being a clumsy newbie :D
the issue is already discussed in the forum many times and
everyone was referred to
, I did nt take the risk to use the .INF file (there was a serious warning about overheating and my notebook is already very tired ), I simply installed the older toolkit 3.1 , which works fine without the .inf, for some reason BandwidthTest.exe is not working from commandline saying some .dll was missing, but it works fine when it is fetched through the GPU SDK,