Error: Failed to create the texture cache

I encountered the following error when installing Audio2Face 2023.2.0:
‘Resource Manager failed to create the texture cache’

I don’t know if this is an issue with initializing resources required for handling textures, potentially due to insufficient VRAM, outdated drivers, or application permissions.

Has anyone encountered this problem? can you offer some guidance to fix the error please?


Niven ANghar

@niven.anghar i am just another user, but if you can upload your Launcher .log file, it’ll help with the troubleshooting (see the path below). Other aspects that would be good to know are your hardware, driver, and OS specs

Launcher .log location:

  • Windows - %userprofile%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher.log
  • Linux - /.nvidia-omniverse/logs/launcher.log

launcher_log_15April2024.txt (772.5 KB)
Hi Simplychenable. I’ve uploaded the Launcher.log file.
Are you able to help please?

there are a few errors that i can see based on the log. they varies between connection interruption, failure to obtain EULA, to having no nucleus services. so further inquiries could help pinpoint the issue:

  1. can you take a screenshot of the OV Launcher, specifically the Nucleus tab?
  2. what’s your hardware, driver, and OS specs?
  3. when are you getting the ‘Resource Manager failed to create the texture cache’ message? is it when you were trying to install the app through OV Laucher?
  4. do you have a stable internet connection?
  5. where are you located geographically?
  6. do you happen to have any antivirus software or have windows defender during installation? if so, could you try turning them off temporarily and try again?
  7. are you getting the same message after rebooting?

It looks like your Launcher is quite old Omniverse Launcher 1.3.2. Can you update the Launcher to the latest version 1.9.11 and try again please?

i believe that was when niven first started back in late 2021 (been an OV user for a while!). later parts of the log should show he is indeed on the latest 1.9.11, so wonder what else could be at play here.

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