Error with SDK manager: Cannot continue to Step 3: Wrong admin password

Hello all,

I am having issues with the sdkmanager. For step 2 of the installation, it asks me for the admin password, but after I typed the correct password for the host machine, nothing happened after that. Clicking ‘Continue’ again shows a message saying ‘Wrong password, try again’, and I cannot proceed to the download or installation process no matter how many times I entered my correct admin password.
The password I typed is the admin password for the host machine, and it is also the same password I typed when sdkmanage updates itself (which actually worked at that time). Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening, and how should this be solved? Thanks!

EDIT: it happens after the recent upgrade, version
EDIT2: I tried it on two different Ubuntu 18 systems (one is freshly installed in VM) and none of them works. I think this might be a program bug of the newest version of sdkmanager.

I am having this same problem and when I try to go to step 3 I have a box pop up saying: Enter your password to perform administrative tasks. Wrong password. Please try again. [sudo] password for (user name):

This seemed to only happen after I upgraded to SDK I am trying to install Jetpack into a TX2. I already have everything flashed and loaded on the the TX2 but wanted to upgrade Jetpack to 4.4. My host PC is running 16.04 LTS and it is a fresh install since my old version was having different issues with SDK as well. Previously I was able to install only 2-3 of the Jetpack components to the TX2 and the rest had errors and it led to a failed installation. I thought a fresh install of SDK manager would fix some problems but now I am having the password issue. I saw that cltam had the same issue and nobody had answered yet so I am adding to the discussion with the same occurrence. Let me know if this is a bug or installation issue. Thank you,

I don’t know about “step 3”, but are you able to run “sudo ls” on both Jetson and host PC? I’m just testing if “sudo” functions with the password you are expecting. In one case you will need the password on the PC, in another case you need the password (and account name) on the Jetson.

Thanks for reporting this bug. We are investigating the issue internally. Can you please re-launch SDK Manager and see if the issue could be solved?

I relaunched the SDK manager and it worked. I have now flashed my TX2 and it is currently installing target components with no issues. Thank you.


I have the same problem after updating to version I also did an uninstall task with sdkm afterwards since I didn’t need older JetPack versions and somehow the visionworks host installation went missing. Since then I have this error.
Re-launching the sdkm, reinstallation of sdkm (even older version) or deleting local files did not change the problem.

The popup reads:

SDK Manager is verifying system readiness to install.
Access to APT repository and ability to install Debian packages with it.
Your system is not ready for install, see specific errors below. Once fixed, click ‘Retry’ to verify system readiness again.
Access to APT repository and ability to install Debian packages with it.: Apt repository check failure (sudo -S apt-get update && sudo -S apt-get check). [sudo] password for user: Sorry, try again. [sudo] password for user: sudo: 1 incorrect password attempt

Has anyone an idea how to solve this? Thanks!

Edit: On version After hitting “Skip” on the error message popup and continuing the sdk installation, it seemed to install visionworks on the host. This did not happen previously. No idea whats going on
Edit2: Turned out to be the 4.5 installation. After updating again to it wanted to install visionworks for 4.5.1 which worked just fine. The problem seems to be gone for now