Failed to launch example command of replicator composer

when i try to use replicator composer from command line, i failed launch it and got error of “import Error”.

i have used command of replicator composer tutorial without --headless argument.

the command is
“./ tools/composer/src/ --input parameters/warehouse.yaml --output */datasets/warehouse --num-scenes 10 --mount ~/workspaces/isaac/”

the error is
"ImportError: /home/sota/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2021.2.1/kit/extscore/omni.usd.libs/bin/ undefined symbol: _ZN32pxrInternal_v0_20__pxrReserved__18

i use isaac sim 2021.2.1.


could you show me how to resolve error and launch replicator composer?

I have solved this problem.

I researched about this and found a report that several packages with Isaac depend on an instance of SimulationApp, and the dependent packages must be imported after the instance is created, or it will result in an ImportError.

Therefore, we edited the executable file tool/composer/ and changed it so that the SimulationApp instance is created first.
First, open the relevant file in an editor.

Add the following process to line 16

kit = SimulationApp()

Comment out line 52.

# self.sim_app = SimulationApp(config)kit = SimulationApp()

In this state, we have confirmed that the ImportError is no longer generated when the Tutorial command is executed.

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