Fast Pointcloud rendering


I need fast pointcloud rendering in isaac-sim, however it is pretty slow using the standard cameras, and I am seeing that when getting the pointcloud, it also returns the segmentation and the rgb. Is it possible to turn these off to get faster pointcloud rendering?

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If you know the camera parameters, you can use this script:

Thank you! This should work. However, a bottleneck for my data generation using isaac sim, is that on my current GPU I can only have 12 cameras otherwise it consumes too much GPU memory, so I can only collect environments from 12 environments in parallel. Is that normal, or am I using your cameras incorrectly?

Thank you again

which version are you using? I think for 2023 there is a huge speed up for multi-camera.

I am using 2022.2.1. Is that right? I haven’t seen any mention of the multi-camera in the release notes, but maybe I missed it? Would you have some pointers by any chance?

Thanks again