Flash Jetson Orin Nano Problem

Hello, I have an issue with my Jetson Orin Nano. I’ve been trying to update the JetPack to JetPack 6 and change the SSD memory. My Jetson doesn’t have an SD card. The flashing attempts have been made in SDK Manager with the SSD (NVMe) runtime. I’ve followed Nvidia’s instructions to the letter, but now the original SSD (which I haven’t moved) doesn’t turn on anymore. It only shows a red LED, and when I’m about to finish flashing, it seems like it’s turning on, but it quickly goes away, and nothing appears again. It heats up quite a bit during the process.

It’s worth noting that I’ve also tried other methods like flashing the image directly onto my computer onto the SSD.

Is it a DevKit?
Learn how to dump the log first:

Yes, it is a DevKit

Then dump the log.


I mean the way shown in the link I posted earlier.

Yeah, I’m sorry I just get it

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