GMSL Camera blue-purple artifacts strategy

When we capture/record a video with the sample code …
… blue-purple artifacts appear on frame. According to the answers on forum, the effect is caused by Auto Exposure on cameras.

  • Auto exposure effect is less when we run ./sample_camera_gmsl_raw.

  • Auto exposure effect does not occur when we record with USB camera. However, when we capture with USB Camera latency is much higher and quality is much lower than GMSL.

Firstly, I would like to know what changes when we change the output type.
Secondly, I’d like to know what causes the difference in between GMSL camera and USB camera (latency, quality and artifacts.)
Finally, I would like to get some advices on how to solve the auto exposure issue.

Thank you in advance,

Dear ocakirog,

Could you please refer to DriveWorks Image Signal Processing (ISP) section in DriveWorks docs for this topic? Thanks.
DriveWorks SDK Reference -> Development Guide -> Sensor Abtraction Layer -> ISP