Help! Jetson Nano boot not success with balenaOS

debug_jetson.log (17.2 KB)

I have a Jetson Nano Dev Kit. I use it to run the lasted balenaOS. But it raise me some error. Some body can help me?

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Hello @xavierchanit what error do you get? Could you please share more information of the balenaOS version, etc?


Did you flash the Jetson itself? Boot content is in the QSPI memory, and this is on the module of Nano dev kits. If that content’s release version is incompatible with the release version of the SD card content, then you can get boot failures. Even if something else is wrong you’d probably need to flash the Jetson itself with the same release which produces the SD card. See:

Hi, the first i use the lasted pro img. But not success. Now i use version is 2.103.2. I try to ask some help from balena forums . They told me use the dev img. And then i met this.

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