Hololens 2 - Copying CloudXRLaunchOptions.txt


I’m unable to copy launchoptions a number of our HL2 devices through Windows Device portal. We can copy files to other folders through this however we’re unable to do so in the "LocalAppData\CloudXRClient\LocalState folder.

I’ve installed the device security certificate, installed the app security certificate and then installed the appx itself from the sample HL2 package from the 2.1 SDK.

We’re getting puzzled here as this should be relatively straightforward. Is there a permissions issue here?

We have one HL2 which now works however the other does not, so we’ve possibly eliminated the PC side of the problem however it’s unclear why the two devices are performing differently here. Permissions relating to user accounts?

[update 2]
The HL2 that doesn’t allow files to be uploaded to the LocalState folder is a brand new device with the latest updates applied. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Replying to my own post having chased this up with Microsoft there appears to be a bug with how file locking is performed which affects the latest version of Windows Holographic 21H1. There is a current workaround by using Firefox and enabling port 10080 through setting network.security.ports.banned.override to this value.

There is apparently a fix in the works from MS.

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Just curious, did you get your H2s to work well with CloudXR? Meaning full (or almost full) framerate as well as usable tracking of hand interaction?

I haven’t spent as much time trying to optimise the stream settings yet. My initial finding was that the framerate was very slow with high latency which wasn’t that great. Perhaps there are specific launchOption settings which may help that other forum users may have advice on?

Hand interactions are not present. It’s simply a mapping of your hand to a Vive motion controller. I’ve actually found the microsoft holographic remoting app a more complete solution right now, however there are obvious benefits that CloudXR has over this, so it would be great if feature parity could be achieved with this.

Ok, that seems very similar to our tests and findings. Basically it is not useful at this state. Let’s hope for an upcoming release. Using MS Holographic Remoting we have been able to make quite nice demos for our use case so it is not streaming per se that is the issue but rather the current implementation in CXR.

Agree, holographic remoting seems to provide a richer solution when connecting to a machine on the same LAN. It would be great if we could get the same performance and rich interaction from CloudXR for HL2