How best to wire up a general case fan for a Jetson

Let’s say I’ve got a really small case, and I want to increase the air flow in the case (the Orin NX already has a fan), how would I wire that up?

Do I just run a splitter from the board fan connector? If so, how would I ensure the case fan runs constantly, and not just matching the CPU fan speed?

Or is there some other way it’s meant to be wired up away from the fan connector?

It depends on your custom design. For Orin NX side, please refer to the Orin NX reference carrier board schematic in DLC for the fan design.


Judging from this, one would think if the additional fan simply used the Ground + Power and didn’t connect to either the Tachometer or PWM wires then it would run constantly (at full speed, I suppose).