How many users can access kit-based app for collaboration?

How many users can access kit-based app for collaboration? Because when two users tried to access live app on workstation, second user cannot access. Is there any limitation for number of collaboration user?

Live collobaration on an Enterprise Nucleus server can support 10s of users, not two users. On a personal workstation computer, it is just for YOU, the single workstation user to do your own live sessions with yourself, from app to app. Not collaborative at all. It sounds like you, the primary workstation user, are using a live session and then you want a second user to log into that workstation for a live session ? No, that is not the idea. That would be an Enterprise Nucleus server.

When I open a livestream extension (webrtc) from my own workstation to a friend on my local network, we can collaborate by connecting through that browser. However, a third person cannot connect through the browser.

So, if you’re using a webrtc stream, that’s not intended for collaboration.

The live edit function, within nucleus is what you should use for scene collaboration.


WebRTC is just for a single stream of a single session to a single reciever. If it not intended for multiple users. That is where Nucleus and individual licenses of OV come in.

Then I need to use enterprise for collaboration with multiple users using nucleus navigator ?

Enterprise Nucleus and mutliple licenses of OV. Navigator has nothing to do with it. That is just a better browser for use with Nucleus.

How can I get licenses of OV?

I will put you in touch. PM me with your contact details

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