How to align the virtual world with real-world coordinates(e.g. latitude and longitude )?

Hi there,
I’m trying to experiment some robotics simulation features in isaac sim. The 3D models(grounds, streets, buildings) are generated and imported from scanned point cloud data of the real world. All of the items has a specific coordinates in the virtual scene.

Does any one know how I can align or transform the virtual coordinates to real-world coordinates(e.g. latitude and longitude ) with any omniverse tools or solutions?
Also appreciated if any one can tell what will be a basic process to achieve that.
Thanks very much in advance!

Hi @hszhan - Does this document help to you? Sensor Axes Representation (LiDAR, Cameras) — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

Hi @rthaker , thanks for your reply and good to know the transform logic between the world, USD and ROS axes.

for my case, I’m trying to figure out whether there is a solution to map the virtual world coordinates to physical world latitudes and longitudes. I assume it will include some geo-referencing and calibration process as well as a transform logic involving translation, rotation and scaling maybe.

any tools available for above purpose in ISAAC SIM or Omniverse platform? thanks!

I am not aware of any specific tools, there is a usd schema but support is limited. We don’t directly support lat/long in isaac sim beyond what this schema provides

you can open this file and see how OmniGeospatialWGS84TargetFrameAPI and OmniGeospatialWGS84PositionAPI are used

wgs84_example.usda (4.5 KB)

hi @Hammad_M , thanks for your info.
I saw there are lat/long value changes happening when I changed the cube’s translation in the wgs84_example.usda file. But I’m not able to understand what actually is happening. Any more info or document on how it works in the file you provided?

Hi @hszhan - This document would be useful to you: Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Map Tile Loader — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation

thanks. still not find good way to do the transformation but since currently I’m busy on something else, will leave the topic as it is and maybe try later.
thanks for all the info.