How to change nucleus web service port

There is another application that uses port 8080 in the machine, I would like to change the port that Omniverse nucleus web service uses.
Otherwise I’m stuck with :
Error! Web server port 8080 is busy.

Hi @m.oumoumad! Check out our documentation here: Usage — Omniverse Nucleus documentation

Please let me know if this helped answer your question!

@WendyGram Thank you for the response, I did look at the docs before I posted, I didn’t find a way to change the web or Omniverse Navigator port. The docs show a way to change the cache service port from the ui, and I’m not using omniverse cache.
It also mentions :

Ports for the other services can be changed in their respective configuration files. Configuration files for each service (usually a TOML or JSON) can be found in the same directory as the service executable. The directories for each service executable are displayed in the System Monitor ‘Apps’ tab.

But I can’t find any .json or .toml file in the Web service executable directory

Hi @m.oumoumad! I informed the team and I will post back when I have more information for you!

The team got back to me. I hope this helps!

There should be an option to configure ports in System Monitor:

image (3)

Please let me know if this helps!

Oh that looks like an update ! in the past I couldn’t see the web port, in any case, thank you that does work now !

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