How to flash Nvidia Jetson TX2 from recovery mode

Good Day!

I was working on my jetson tx2 when I accedentally messed up. The screen froze at boot and the screen start blinking. I could not find any solution on the internet so I came up with the idea of flashing it to reinstall all its components. Can somebody guide me on how to do this? Thank you!

Hello @00anteja23
Do you have any NVIDIA SDK Manager installed computer?

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I don’t have any of the pre requesites yet. Since I don’t know where to start.

OK. First of all, you should install SDK Manager.
There is a guide to do this (for an old version but the installation steps are the same)

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There is also complete guide for all types of Jetson series

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What about my host computer? Is it necessary to have a Linux operating system??

You can also use Docker image of SDK Manager but I have not used it before

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Another question if you don’t mind sir, suppose I had already dowloaded the nvidia sdk manager, can I install it using the force recovery mode??

Yes, you can only install JetPack while the TX2 is in recovery mode.

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Can you suggest any tutorials on jetson tx2 recovery mode? I’m not familliar with the method, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @00anteja23 ,

For passing to recovery mode, firstly you should plug in the recovery cable between TX2 kit and your host machine. Than, you should press reset and recovery button at the same. After that, just release the reset button but keep pressing the recovery button for short time. The idea of behind this process, recovery button should be pressed while tx2 device booting up. You can check whether tx2 is in recovery or not, type “lsusb” form your host linux terminal.

If you are in recovery mode, type “sdkmanager” from host machine. I assume you already download and install the sdkmanager. Sdkmanager will detect you tx2 device. After doing these steps, you can start the flashing process.


Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it…

Hello again, I just want to confirm if I am doing the right thing…

Yes, keep going.

thank you for helping me… my jetson TX2 is now restored!