How to get latest nvidia drive

I go to the page tried to download the latest SDK. When I run sdkmanager and tried to login my account to install through DEVZONE, but my account can not login success. And for the offline install, I can not find where to download the SDKs.
On the download page, it says Requires membership to the NVIDIA DRIVE™ Early Access Developer Program, and I click it, and now on the approval page, the status is “Approval pending”. Is this the reason? Membership is required and I am not membership. How can I access to NVIDIA DRIVE™ Early Access Developer Program?

Hi yxiang,

By checking the internal record, it seems there is agreement issue not settle down well yet, hence the approval is still at pending state. We’re processing it now, please stay tuned.


Hi kayccc,
Thanks for your reply. Now I can login in my account success, but I can not find the AGX hardware and the latest drive “DRIVE OS Linux”, see the attached picture. Is this problem related to the membership issue?

It seems that only the account of can install the latest Drive 5.1.3. I do not have partner account, so how can I get the latest drive?
Very thanks!

Dear yxiang,
Your Devzone account is approved. If you don’t have partners account, you need to wait till next Drive release.