How to get the camera data for CenterPose model training


First of all, What I want is to get camera data which is needed for CenterPose Model Training.

I’ve been trying to make some custom synthetic dataset for CenterPose model by NV labs.

According to the GitHub page(, CenterPose data format is compatible with DOPE format.
Hence, I made the dataset using DOPE writer from the Offline Pose Estimation Synthetic Data Generation.
But the output file doesn’t have the camera data.

When I look into the in line 152, adding camera data seems to be on the To-Do list. I hope this means that I can get the camera data some how and if so, please kindly provide me how.

It also says that it’s not used for training script but CenterPose needs them unlike DOPE.

I’v found some data such as camera intrinsics from dope_config.yaml. But that’s not enough.

I need camera projection matrix, camera view matrix and etc. (You might know what data CenterPose needs) and also AR data(plane center, plance normal).

Please help me get the camera data and AR data for CenterPose.
If there is completed version of CenterPose writer instead of, it would be better.

I hope I can hear from you soon.


Try using the CameraParams annotator

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