How to install "carter_navigation" package in ROS2

how to install “carter_navigation” package. in ROS2

Please take a look at this tutorial: 5. ROS2 Navigation — Omniverse Robotics documentation

I followed that tutorial ( 5. ROS2 Navigation ).
And the method that install the carter_navigation is in Prerequisite part.
But i followed it and there’s only one way to download turtlebot3.

I want to install the pkg for carter.
Thank you!

Hi @siam33,

I believe you are interested in the carter_description (containing urdf and meshes) and carter_navigation (containing Nav2 parameters and launch files).
The provided ROS2 packages are located in ros2_workspace folder located inside the package directory.

To access this location, first open the launcher, Click “Launch”, and in the Isaac Sim App Selector under “Package Path” you can click on either “Open in File Browser” or “Open in Terminal”. If you open the terminal, from that location you can enter into ros2_workspace and run the workspace installation steps in there directly or copy the contents to your own ROS2 workspace.

Hope that helps!

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