How to modify the collider to make a hole when it comes to a dynamic body?

As shown in the picture below, when I chose the Convex Decompositionin the Collider->Approximation, but the hole is calculated like this, it can not let the cylinder pass through, and when it comes to simulate, the cylinder can not fall naturally but bounce around, how can I make it? Thank you very much!

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in the advanced section you can also try to play with more parameters, like add more convexes and more precision.
So to be clear, this is expected to work on a dynamic body?

Glad to receive a response from you, and it is expected to work on a dynamic body.
In addition, how to get a datailed documentation about parameters in the picture below? Thank you!

Man this is interesting

What you are interested in are those:

    double errorPercentage{ 10.0 }; // Percentage error allowed. Default is 10%. If the convex hull is within 10% of the volume of the voxels, we treat it as sufficiently convex.
    uint32_t maxHullVertices{ 32 }; // Maximum number of vertices in output convex hull
    uint32_t maxConvexHullCount{ 32 }; // Maximum number of convex hulls to produce.
    uint32_t voxelResolution{ 500000 }; // Approximate number of voxels to use, default value is one million.

In general the error percentage should be the major thing to eventually tweak.

You could also try to use SDF collision path, its a bit of an experimental feature, but it should work, please see this topic:


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