How to use LiDAR to collect road simulation data set?

I want to collect some road data on vehicles, pedestrians and trees. Could you please provide some reference documents on what I should do? Thanks a lot.


I’ve collected some links, which might be interesting for you. (I think you have to register for the NVIDIA developer programm to have access to the NVIDIA DRIVE Sim)

However, I must say that so far I have only worked with Isaac Sim.

Hi Robin,
Thank you for the links. However, I actually want to ask whether the collection of data sets can be carried out under Isaac Sim ( We have not yet obtained the trial account of Drive Sim ).
I mean, now I can only see shelves and boxes in Isaac Sim, just like

How can I collect some road data on vehicles, pedestrians and trees ( by LiDAR ) ?
Hope for your reply. Thx.

Hi yfsang,

If you are asking that if Isaac Sim includes some road assets, the answer is no, but you already have road assets then you can imported into Isaac Sim and collect data in Isaac Sim.


Hi Liila,

How can I import road assets into Isaac Sim? Do you have any reference document?

Hope for your reply.


What is the format of your road asset?

I don’t have road asset right now, but there are many open source 3D models available on the Web. I just want to know how to operate it ( Please send me the reference documentation if you have it)

We don’t have any reference for importing road assets, but depending on their format it might be possible

If I have URDF or STEP files, how can I import them into Isaac Sim?

For step file use the import from the file menu, and for the urdf, runt he urdf importer

Hello Itorabi,

I have tried STEP & URDF files, but they can’t displat correctly. The first image below is the STEP file and the second image is the URDF file.

How do I import the model correctly?


This is the second picture ( Failed to import the URDF file)

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Hi @yfsang - Are you still having issues importing STEP and URDF files with the latest IsaacSim 2022.2.1 release?