So it seems that NVidia is getting more serious about the workflow of building robots including 3d Simulation with Isaac Sim and now Omniverse Isaac Sim.

Are there any tools or recommendations from Nvidia around taking existing CAD models of robots and generating the URDF needed for ROS and the SDF needed for Gazebo?

im fairly new so my vision of possibilities may be super narrow. Or maybe the possibilities are indeed narrowed to what i just mentioned?

ideally i would love to generate an initial CAD model from a video or image or maybe a 3D scanner? The i can jump into fusion360 or solidworks and make detailed parts.

then i can export this to a 3d engine like Unity, and to Gazebo, RViz or NVidia Omniverse Isaac Sim? Even print the parts with a 3D printer? Maybe all these can run in Omniverse/Metaverse?

Hi Juan,

You are absolutely right, we at NVIDIA are heavily investing on 3D workflow for robotics. We will soon have better tools for importing CAD model into simulator.
and then you can import your CAD model into Omnivrse Isaac Sim and work with it. It is even possible to print the parts with #d printer.


thanks. do you have a special secret preview program i can be a part of? what are the timelines?

HI Juan,

There is no private preview :)
The next Isaac Sim release will be out early June.