If you have a problem, PLEASE read this first

If you have a problem, and would like assistance, please follow these steps:

  1. Please always include a detailed description of the problem (both when starting a new thread and when posting to existing threads), as distinct problems can have nearly identical symptoms (e.g. black screens, hung X servers, …). Reliable reproduction steps are especially useful. If you post a reply reading “I have the same problem” in response to another user’s bug report without the information requested in this post, you may make it more difficult for NVIDIA to track and diagnose the problem.

  2. Please always include a copy of an nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file, which can be generated with the nvidia-bug-report.sh script shipped with the NVIDIA Linux/FreeBSD graphics drivers and installed in your PATH; the log file will be placed in the current working directory. Attach the log file by clicking the Upload upload button in the post composition window.

    To make sure this log file includes as much relevant information as possible, please start the X server with startx -- -logverbose 6 and run nvidia-bug-report.sh after the problem has occurred. If X can not be started or the machine appears to have crashed, please check if you can log into it remotely (e.g. via ssh) and run nvidia-bug-report.sh in the remote shell, if possible.

    If the machine can not be logged into remotely, please run the bug report script with X running (this will ensure that data points only available when the device is initialized, such as the VBIOS revision, are captured in the log file). All requests for assistance from NVIDIA must include the bug report, per the instructions above.

    If nvidia-bug-report.sh appears to hang, it may still have collected enough useful information about your problem. In this case, please provide the partial log file generated, if any.

  3. In case of NVIDIA Linux graphics driver installation problems (when using one of the official .run installers), please attach the NVIDIA installer log file, /var/log/nvidia-installer.log.

  4. If you have collected additional information, but are not sure if it is relevant / appropriate, please attach it anyway.

  5. When creating a new thread, please make the thread subject as descriptive as possible. For example,

    • Good title: "X server 1.2 crashes when Kopete opens a popup notification on GeForce 8800 GTX"
    • Bad title: "The X server keeps crashing"
    • Really bad title: "Help me!"

This information will help us help you.