I'm looking for force sensor

Hi NVIDIA Gym Team and friends in this community,

I want to get the force value with a script.

Has the current force sensor been updated like the answer on the site above?

If updated, I’m looking for a way and an example how to write it.

Thanks for reading.

Hi jinid231,

If you are looking for force sensor in Isaac Sim, it will be in our next release, which is in mid May.
But if you are looking for force sensor in Isaac gym, please ask in the Isaac gym forum.


@ltorabi So is there any force torque sensor in Isaac Sim like 6d force sensor in IsaacGym rightnow?

Force/Torque sensors are directly supported in PhysX now:

@ltorabi Thanks for replying. I’ve tried articulation force sensor , the Xform is set as articulation force sensor

However when the tool tip hits the table, the force torque sensor reading is alwasys zero

I’m wondering what’s the problem.

Hi @ltorabi , it’s great to see that the force sensor is supported. But it seems that this sensor mainly records forces acting on the specific link. Normally, when grasping objects, the force on the active joint will change, I wonder if it is possible to attach a force sensor to a joint to read out the corresponding force value?

@im.renpei Hello, do you know why the force sensor reading is alwasy zero? What’s the force computing mechanism in physx.

@im.renpei Hi, can you share how do you set articulation force sensor and make it work?