Import obj format with vertex color without texture into isaac sim

We have a .obj model with vertex color but without texture, and want to import it into isaac sim. however, the model only has white color totally. How to deal with this issue? Thanks.

Maybe isaac sim does not support this type of .obj, I wondered if there is other method to transfer this type of .obj to the supported type.

And we tried another way. We import the point cloud e57 format model into the Create, and it has color and display well. Then it is saved as USD model. But using isaac sim to open the USD model, it shows nothing. So, if isaac sim dose not support the point cloud, even though the point cloud has been transferred to USD?

This shouldn’t be an issue, unless there is windows vs linux bug. would you try to load the usd file in Create in Linux

Yes, all the operations are performed in linux, including importing the e57 into Create, saving it as USD, and reading the USD to isaac sim

when importing USD imto isaac sim, it shows:

Selected hydra renderer doesn’t support prim type ‘Points’

I believe that per vertex coloring is currently not supported by the renderer