Import won't work

segfault or unknown exception
using step, iges

any ideas?

Hi Andrey, please provide more info.

sent PM with the file STEP/ Iges
that won’t import
Could you aldo assist with getting imported URDF model t move from position 0 to any other position at new empty stage somehow?

can u helpvfiguring out how to move imported model anyhow e.g. like in ```

now we tried ply import via obj/ blender conversion but it won’t work either

Do you have joints rigged for your robot? If you imported through STEP or CAD, you will likely need to add joints manually. Take a look at our documentation: 3. Simple Robot — Omniverse Robotics documentation

can you help soprting out import of .ply xyz generated e.g. by stereolabs zed camera, please?
we can not import neither of these files generated by various hardware/ software sets
noone works

    we were able to import some step also some urdf, but now we are not able to import any pointcloud recorded by cameras/lidars
    what are my choices if the software just saves xyz, ply files? how to convert/import its outputs into isaac sim? in saved files there are vertices but no faces, folks said as there is no mesh in .ply files it can not be converted to be imported

In terms of importing directly, the accepted File Formats for conversion are FBX, OBJ and and GLTF. instruction : Asset Importer — Omniverse Create documentation

you can use urdf importer extension for importing urdf and STEP importer to import .step files. Other formats are not currently supported.

we tried obj import
but it just caused segfault
what are the choices to import from lidars/ stereo cameras? they do not provide any obj supported by isaac sim, do they?
can you support import of OBJ from converted ply->obj from camera outputs recorded? in case it causes SegFault will you support import of it? how will you support such import?
OBJ file:
It won’t import

.obj is supported by omniverse, the flatform that isaac sim is built on, so it is automatically supported by isaac sim. Are you trying to reconsturct an object from point clouds? or do you actually have an object mesh that’s in the format of .obj? If it’s the former, I suspect the missing faces will create problems.

the camera produces .ply or xyz or pcd
upon opening them they show thousands of vertices but 0 faces
after converting the file to OBJ it opens, but not in isaac sim/omniverse
it opens e.g. in blender etc
example of ply file before converting it to obj

0.154025 -0.358342 1.123059 151 157 152
0.154830 -0.358414 1.123286 152 158 153
0.155863 -0.359012 1.125160 152 157 153
0.157128 -0.360136 1.128680 152 158 153
0.157502 -0.359216 1.125797 154 160 155
0.158157 -0.358940 1.124934 158 163 159

example of xyz

0.232658 -0.368887 1.176427
0.233199 -0.368462 1.175070
0.233377 -0.367467 1.171897
0.234911 -0.368607 1.175535
0.236118 -0.369228 1.177514

now I recorded the mesh directly from the camera to disk
mesh_gen.obj (9.8 KB)
is it supported for import?
it looks like

f 110 114 111
f 76 115 116
f 17 117 62
f 72 73 76
f 73 115 76
f 115 118 116
f 62 115 73
f 62 118 115
f 116 118 117
f 62 117 118
f 74 76 116

if I import it it seems empty
mesh_gen.obj (295.5 KB)

got this

what’s your desired output?

We want to visualize our 3D data in omniverse

If you 3D data has only points and no faces, it can’t be improted into Omniverse currently.