No support for importing pointcloud?

do you provide support for importing pointcloud?

yes Omniverse does support point cloud.
this might be useful to you: PointClouds — Omniverse Create documentation

Thank you for your reply
We tried exactly this
with this e57
produced from this .ply
It won’t work.
How do you support the import?

you should ask this question in the Omniverse forum rather Isaac sim, you would get better answers

I asked Omniverse folks
they said to ask Isaac Sim
so who exactly would support importing the resulting e57? neither?
I will add extra post to their forum, but it won’t work.

@mfoco would you please help out

I tried clicking on your link, but I received an XML file reporting an “AuthenticationFailed” code (the link seems to have expired two days ago).
Meanwhile, can you add information about the application and the specific version you’re using? If it’s not Omniverse Create, did you enable the “USD E57 FILE FORMAT LOADER” and “FLOW USD” extensions?


Hi, Thank you for your reply.
We tried importing ply via converting it to e57, obj.
updated access urls are attached.
How to convert .ply to othre formats for the import? Could you extend please?



do you reffer to the pointclouds extension? as in ?

could you extend how to create input file e.g. from zed stereolabs, please?
so it can further be imported somehow as a pointcloud?


Unfortunately those link remain active only 24h, and expired last Sunday at 4AM (CET). Can you try a different service? Alternatively, you can use email (
Yes, that feature will also enable the extension I mentioned (USD E57…).
About file formats, for now we support e57 only, but even that is not a core component, but developed as a plugin (in the form of a USD file format plugins).


Hi Marco
Thank you for following up!
The problem with e57 is that e57 we created in meshlab from ply with vertices won’t import. So there are specific requirements for e57 format that we were not able to meet? to be able to import in isaac sim. Could you guide how to transform just recorded .ply file that has vertices but no faces into e57 that will be loadable by isaac sim [omniverse]. In our case it was not an issue to convert .ply to e57 as meshlab does it with no issues. The issue, however, is that isaac sim won’t import resulting e57.
Can you support it?

ply from that e57 was produced

OBJ produced from .ply