Installing the MLNX driver is failed

when I execute the command, “./mnxofedinstall” , the execution is failed .

the error message is “Error: One or more packages depends on MLNX_OFED. Those packages should be removed before uninstalling MLNX_OFED: ibutils-libs”

Do you know the reason of the failure?

After uninstalling the relevant rpm packages manually , it is successful. But what is the root cause for this error?

Seems you install the inbox driver relate package, and it can’t be removed by install process.

Is there any method to avoid this error? such as adding params or others.


You need remove : ibutils-libs


Although uninstalling the relevant rpm package can be restored, but in turn,it can not reproduce.Need to find the root cause.

Whether there are other skeptics, or reproducible methods.