Integrating Lidar SLAM(GEMS) with Isaac Sim

I have a mobile robot with a Lidar attached to it, and a ROS Lidar through which I get laser_scan and point_cloud topics as the output. I want to use the Lidar readings for SLAM, and I am not able to find suitable documentation to link Isaac Sim with NVIDIA GEMS. Most of the documentation for NVIDIA GEMS pertains to integration with Isaac SDK. Please point me to a way I can use GEMS with my Isaac Sim simulation?

By NVIDIA GEMS, I believe you mean Isaac SDK GEMs, correct?

Yes, correct. I want to integrate it with my Isaac Sim simulation. How do I go about it?

then Isaac SDK bridge (Robot engine bridge) is how Isaac SDK and Isaac Sim are connected.
Have you check out this :

That confused me a little. I have Isaac Sim up and running. I should first install Isaac SDK too if I want to run GEMS? Since the Bridge is a connect between Isaac Sim and SDK

If your Gems are Isaac SDK Gems, you need to run Isaac SDK to connect with Isaac Sim

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