Intel Dual Band Wireless-Ac 8265 on Xavier (Solved)

After searching high and low on how to install a intel 8265 on Xavier it was painless and easy.
To save someone time here is all you need to do using the JetPack 4.0 Developer Preview.
Nvidia may add this in next version.
sudo apt-get install linux-firmware
sudo reboot

Nice! Thanks for sharing.

Will test this for the Intel 9260 tomorrow and report back :)

Can’t get 9260 to work:

They direct to ask computer manufacturer.
a) what antennas should I procure?
b) is the step mentioned in the very first post of the tread is must to or an optional? Because in my case the card seems recognized and even has shown a nearest network, but can not connect to it probably because of low signal reception without antennas.

will that work fine for both BT * WIfi: ?

here are the antennas i used, they seem to work very well.

Intel said [in other post], that they do not supply antennas, separately, but in a form of the devkit with the card:

RE: “can not connect to it probably because of low signal reception without antennas”

Do not ever power any type of radio without antennas attached. The RF amp expects a load and will blow (permanent damage) if no load is present. Most radios which are meant for consumers (like walkie-talkies) have sensors to detect and protect against a missing load, but embedded cards like this usually do not. Your card may be broken (can listen but not talk) or seriously degraded at this point.

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In my location I can procure the below type of the antenna:

Will that be fine for both Bluetooth and wifi if I will get two of them connected to the 8265 connectors? ?
UPD: It turned out that the microtik antenna has uFL, while 8265 has MHF4 connectors.

I followed your advise and it works well! Thanks!

Why use a card when you can use a USB, buy a or a TP-Link Wireless-N300 Mini USB Adapter. The Penguin usb uses Athereos HTC drivers and the TP-Link uses Realtek drivers, compile them and flash the kernel.

Why use USB? USB is a lot less robust than a screwed-down M.2 card. It also adds bendy bits that point out on the side of the device, whereas the M.2 card fits within the physical envelope of the devkit itself. Someone who is developing on a desk and looking for the lowest possible cost might get away with USB, but overall, I find the M.2 form factor to be vastly superior for the Xavier.

And some of us needs AC not N speed + bluetooth for keyboard / mouse ;)

Fair enough :P
I wanted to buy a card and put it on the Xavier, I mean I can take off the antenas from the Tx2, but where do I mount the antenas on the Xavier?

If you buy the intel card you should buy it as a “kit”, the intel cards uses a bit smaller connectors for the antennas, so dont think your tx2 antennas will fit…

mouser sells a kit, and delivers fast…

And when it comes to placing them you are correct, i have my Xavier in a “Bot” so i just 3d printed 2 brackets…

Yea I don’t have my Xavier in a bot yet, I still need to design a case to hold it.

finally the delivered the kit with 8265 and cables and antennas that I ordered a couple of weeks ago from amazon

Just get my Xavier and thanks for the information.

Hi Andrey1984,

Have you tested bluetooth of the 8265? I have an 8265NGW card installed. The WiFi works but bluetooth not. It seems that the M.2 Key E’s USB interface not working (I got nothing but the 2.0/3.0 root hub with lsusb).Bluetooth should use USB I guess, right?