Isaac Sim | ROS2 | Point cloud from camera has wrong orientation


We have set up in Isaac Sim a robot with a depth camera mounted on it. We have OmniGraph nodes that publish the data to ROS2 Humble.
When trying to visualize the point cloud in RVIZ, it shows with a wrong orientation:

We have found that this has to do with the RPY defined on the depth camera’s link in our URDF file. For some unknown reason, in order to get the same camera orientation, the RPY in the urdf is different than the one in Isaac Sim.
Isaac Sim:

Which is basically rpy = "{pi/2} {-pi/2} 0"
But for it to be correctly oriented the URDF’s RPY is: rpy="${-pi/2} 0 ${-pi / 2}"

I think the camera conventions are different:

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