Isaac Sim ROS Camera Alignment + MoveIt


I’m trying to get the pointcloud coming out of IsaacSim to be properly placed in RVIZ. However, as you can see from the images they are misaligned.

Omniverse Isaac Sim:


In both I am using the same Franka robot. In Isaac Sim I am specifically using the Franka object provided by the API, and in RVIZ I am launching the MoveIt 2 demo docker: moveit2_tutorials/doc/how_to_guides/isaac_panda/docker-compose.yaml at main · moveit/moveit2_tutorials · GitHub

How can I debug and fix this? It appears it needs to be rotated by 90degrees around Z (blue axis)

I ended up aligning it by adjusting the sim_camera transform in the MoveIt 2 tutorial source code (which doesn’t seem like the right step to me).

Afterwards I found that adjusting the aperture values can actually cause the view to rotate. I.e. I believe by setting the vertical aperture to less than 0 it seems to rotate by 90 degrees.