Isaac Simulator Shutdown when running Multi-ROBOT ROS2 Navigation

I want to run the tutorial “6.Multiple Robot ROS2 Navigation” in Isaac Simulator. But i suffered some problems like below.

  1. I just loaded the office scene used in the tutorial,
  2. And For collecting rgb camera data of robots, i just turned on the condition about the camera sensor (rgb, depth) in action graph.
  3. Next, I pressed the play button
  4. Finally, My isaac simulator was turned off like below video.

The computer specifications are as follows.

  • GPU : RTX 3090 24GB x 2 ( total 48 GB )
  • CPU : 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1170K @ 3.60 Hz
  • RAM : about 130 GB
  • Storage is enough
  • Isaac sim : 2022.1 version

This video include the errors in terminal when the isaac simulator was shutted down.

I did it again in another computer. But In another computer, when i did it again , isaac simulator was shutted down too.
Is this the version problem(2022.1)?
And How can i solve this problem?

*Tutorial Page : 6. Multiple Robot ROS2 Navigation — Omniverse Robotics documentation

Thank you!

Hi @siam33,

This is a bug that will be fixed in our upcoming Isaac Sim release which will ship at the end of this month!

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