ISACC_ROS dnn_stereo_disparity warning

I have set up a stereo disparity pipeline, using images from a Zed mini.
I get a lot of warnings (below) when I subsbribe to the /points2 topic, I can visualize the point cloud.
How can get rid of this message. I have looked at the TF tree, the transform to zedm_left_camera_optical_frame does exist.


[component_container_mt-1] 2023-10-13 13:20:08.213 WARN gems/pose_tree/pose_tree.cpp@500: No pose frame found with UID 0
[component_container_mt-1] [WARN] [1697228408.215274968] [NitrosPointCloud]: Setting frame_id=zedm_left_camera_optical_frame from NITROS msg

Hi @quark01 ,

I apologize for this late reply.

This warning is something that you don’t need to take care. I also suggest to try our new latest release of Isaac ROS 2.0.

The pose_tree is an internal warning and not TF2