Jetson Nano 2GB - No UART Output before Boot Prompt

New Jetson Nano 2GB. UART connected via GPIO header. On my other SoC ARM64 systems, there is comprehensive boot info - including U-Boot and Kernel boot - but on the Nano 2GB there is nothing at all, until the boot prompt eventually appears. Not much use on a development system…
If there a way of enabling this?
Robert Gadsdon… November 3rd 2020.

hello rgadsdon,

may I know which JetPack release you’re working with, did you install the JetPack release image via SDKManager?
please connect HDMI cable with a display monitor, there’re user account settings you might complete for the 1st time image flashing.

Thanks for the quick reply… I am using the latest JetPack…4.4.1.
I had gone through the setup dialogue using the ‘headless’ option, via the micro-usb port, and there was no mention of settings for this.
After more trial-and-error, I found that the second UART connection (UART2) on the 12-pin J12 connector does work correctly, and provides all the boot and u-boot info expected.