jetson nano hangs

I am using jetson nano , it works first time perfectly , but when we works it again it stuck in the startup and hangs on a point and not works , kindly resolve that issue or give me a solution for that

If possible you might attach a serial console log, or even a picture of what the last part of boot showing up. For serial console see:

If you hover your mouse over the upper right corner quote icon of one of your existing posts, then you will see more icons show up. The paper clip icon is for attaching files.

You should also describe your monitor and any video adapters since native HDMI is important.

here is the images of last output
image 1

image 2

moniter image
moniter is HP and there is no video adapters

At one point I see a journal recover, so filesystem is involved (which is often part of creating the image). On the other hand, if a crash had abruptly interrupted things, then this would be a side effect of the crash and not the cause.

The monitor appears to be fairly standard. Can I verify this is using HDMI (it must be since you said no adapters, but I want to verify)?

For the most part I think either the method of creating your SD card is at issue, or else the SD card itself (there are many SD cards which work for data but seem to fail when used as a boot device).

Unfortunately I’m not sure where to start with debugging a bad SD card image. Someone else may have advice on that, but if you could describe in detail your method of creating the SD card image (there are multiple ways) this would help whoever answers.

We make SD card image according to your method which is in your tutorials or documentation

Secondly , I use SD card from past to year in raspberry pi and it’s perfectly boot able

SD card is Kingston class 10

It hangs on third boot when we try to install pip

What power supply are you using? You might try a barrel jack adapter. Power problems can make a Nano behave quite strangely. Otherwise I would agree with linuxdev that the card seems likely, despite it’s age. MicroSD cards are not ssds.

we are using 5 Volt power supply as per instruction

My experience is that the “5 volts USB” input is quite unstable, unless you have a very strong supply.
You need to boot the system once to update … something … so that you can use the GPIO 5V port. After that, my system has been stable by supplying 5V through the GPIO port.
It was NOT stable using a USB 5V/2.4A adapter through an Amazon or a Anker micro-USB cable.

Hi waqaramjad345,
Is this issue resolved?