Jetson Nano not able to connect to internet

Hi Everyone,

I’m very new to Jetson Nano and I have it connected to an ethernet cable and booted with a micro USB. The ethernet LEDs are lit (Green and amber lights are blinking). However I’m not able to connect to any sites using the chromium browser. Any clue on what could be wrong and how to troubleshoot it will be highly appreciated. I’m using a corporate internet connection.


Is this connected to an ordinary router appliance? Also, what do you see from these commands:


it’s common for corporate IT to block anything that doesn’t exist in active directory or whatever they use. My computers can’t even do ethernet bridging because of group policy. And honestly it’s cumbersome but it does cut down on risks a lot.

You might need to ask your corporate IT to exempt your device.

I certainly cannot just plug in anything to my ethernet jack at work, for all my embedded devices I use a dedicated router with its own modem and ISP, completely isolated from corporate.