Jetson nano not booting

Hi, I’m having issues while booting the Jetson Nano. I got the boot log from connecting the Jetson through serial console but no idea what it could be. Attached is part of the log.
boot_log.txt (30.4 KB)

hello zanettifernando27,

there’re lots of GPU error reported, may I know what’s the modification you’d done?
for example,

[   13.169983] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu   __nvgpu_timeout_expired_msg_cpu:94   [ERR]  Timeout detected @ gr_gk20a_ctx_wait_ucode+0xa4/0x568 [nvgpu]
[   13.195218] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu           gr_gk20a_ctx_wait_ucode:528  [ERR]  timeout waiting on mailbox=0 value=0x00000010
[   13.214723] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu      gk20a_fecs_dump_falcon_stats:129  [ERR]  gr_fecs_os_r : 0
[   13.230873] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu      gk20a_fecs_dump_falcon_stats:131  [ERR]  gr_fecs_cpuctl_r : 0x40

Hi, thanks for replying. No modification. Just trying to boot using different sd cards.

hello zanettifernando27,

so you’re having Nano-A, with SD-A, SD-B; Nano-A+SD-A works well but not Nano-A+SD-B, is it correct?
if yes,
please double check you’re having an identical JetPack release version for both Nano platform and SD card image.

No, that’s not the case. Nano is not working with any of the SD cards.

hello zanettifernando27,

may I also know which Nano platform version you’re working with?
could you please perform a complete flash process to verify, please also share the flash messages for reference,

What do you mean with platform version? I’m using one of the latest jetson nano card images (don’t remember exactly which one)
The sd card works fine on other Nano, so the issue is not the card.

hello zanettifernando27,

my meant your Nano platform version, please check Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide for the revisions of the DevKits.
are you plug the SD card to another brand new Nano platform? this doesn’t works since you must flash QSPI for the 1st time to initial the board.
please check developer guide, Flashing and Booting the Target Device to enable for flashing the target.