Jetson TX2 CR5 blinks infinitly after a short circuit

I was using jetson tx2 the other day and somehow my HDMI cable got in contact with the GPIO pins. There was a short circuit on the board. Now when I connect power supply, the board get power up for a second(only CR5 light blinks) and then the power is gone. This loops on till I disconnect the power supply. The power brick has also an LED which is supposed to be on as long as the brick is connected to the AC power supply. But since the short circuit, this LED is also blinking much like the onboard CR5 and it has a noise associated with it.

Is my board dead beyond repair?

Hi, you mean the board can’t power on, no log output? If so, it looks like board has been broken. You might need RMA for it.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I feel stupid to ask but what is RMA?

Hi nikhil6qgqh, please see here for more info: