Jetson TX2 not booting after a hanged instalation of NVIDIA SDK

I was running a Jetson TX2 module in a Jetson Xavier carrier board without problems.
The Jetson TX2 stopped booting after a failed attempt to install NVIDIA SDK.
While in the final step of the installation, the host laptop got frozen. After some time without recovering the state, I had to reboot. The laptop rebooted ok, but not the jetson connected to it.
When I try to boot the jetson, the power light gets on, but it shows nothing on the screen. I can’t debug anything. Sockets from the board don’t seem to work, i.e, the ethernet lights don’t turn on when connected.

This is not compatible, supposed you mean the TX2 NX module on Xavier NX carrier board, right?


I don’t know what you are doing here.
Can you take a picture of your hardware setup?

Yes, sorry for the misinformation. I’m using a jetson TX2 NX module on a Xavier NX carrier board.
This configuration was working before trying to install the SDK.

I’m using a jetson TX2 NX module on a Xavier NX carrier board. This hardware configuration was working. I was able to boot the board.


then what log did you get when flashing?
Is UART showing anything?

Any error in the logs when flashing. Just got frozen and ended up not booting.
I’ll try to connect to the serial debug console and get some logs.
Will keep you updated, thanks.

You may try manually flashing again with our scripts, and remember to use jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-tx2-nx as the config file.
Collect both flashing log and UART log here.

sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-tx2-nx mmcblk0p1

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