Jetson xavier NX SOM stuck in bash window

Hello Team,

  1. I am using Jetson Xavier NX SOM with Xavier NX devlopment kit, I have flash OS by using Nvidia SDK manager. After few reboots or after couple of days SOM got stuck in bash mode and diden’t recover OS after even taking reboot. I need to flash that SOM one more time to run the application and my data on SOM could not be retrieve.
  2. Few SOM has Flashing issues like SOM starts flashing process and it completed up to 50-55% after that it shows flashing error on SDK. One SOM flashing is completed but after OEM configuration, Xavier NX failed to boot successfully and goes in bash mode.
    I am attaching one image of error shows by SDK manager.

If you have multiple questions, suggest to file them one by one but not all in one.

Do note that SDK Manager has an option to export flash logs. You would want to include that in any report. Also, if you are using a micro-B USB cable for flash, then “charger” cables usually fail due to low quality. Be sure to mention if the cable you are using is just a charger cable or not. Finally, if this is an Ubuntu host PC running in a VM, then VMs often fail due to insufficient USB configuration.

Hi Team,

We are already taking care of micro-usb cable quality. we are using DATA Cable, not Charging Cable and Ubuntu 20.04 Host machine. We are not using VM.

I am attaching flashing failed logs from Nvidia SDK Manager.
sdkm-2024-03-27-14-48-13.log (200.8 KB)

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