Judgment of the original on a Lenovo laptop driver


I have just one stop of the GeForce 520 M CUDA on a Lenovo Z570 64-bit driver and I wanted to know if I am in good rights at Nvidia… I is made no changes or other says installing driver personally.

If you can explain to me.

this is an encrypted message, isn’t it?

these are the only parts i could follow:

GeForce 520 M
a Lenovo Z570 64-bit driver
and I wanted to know if
installing driver
If you can explain to me.

are you asking whether the gpu driver that shipped with your lenovo would accommodate cuda (or whether you should replace the driver)?

Thanks little_jimmy

I can install the driver Nvidia 327.62 + automatic utility update Nvidia 1.14.17 if it is correct with the type of hardware Lenovo Z570 64-GeForce 520 M CUDA

I have the error on the Window 7 maintenance center message details:

This solution could not be downloaded

Most likely causes:

Your computer was unable to download the solution at this time. Check to make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, and then try to download the solution again later.

Seen the problem? I had install these drivers write up but to return to the subject, meanwhile on the default Nvidia driver problem was already happen, with the message in the center of maintenance of Window 7 and since the pilot process Nvidia judgment not being able to being able to choose to run with the graphics processor Nvidia for gaming it’s a shame. I me shipments sorry but if Nvidia you can make me the assistance or the update.