Launching OmniKitHelper from a ROS 1 Workspace



I’ve been following this post to build an Python application for analyzing USD model in simulator through OmniKitHelper. However I would also like to implement a custom ROS message and send the USD information to other ROS nodes, and therefore I would like to move my entire application to a ROS workspace.

It is known that the Python environment for launching OmniKitHelper can be resolved from this tutorial. However I’m wondering if there is any way for us to resolve both the Python PATH of a ROS workspace and the Isaac Sim Python environment, and is there any example for us to follow?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @ryanyuen,
Need to look into the best way to do this, at minimum a solution for adding additional ROS messages to the rospy environment that comes with isaac-sim should this usecase.


Thanks for the suggestions. However, is there any update on the general usage of OmniKitHelper with ROS workspace?

we are working on making this process simpler for our next release, mid october hopefully.

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