ROS moveit on my own robot


I confirmed that ROS moveit sample is working well on my workstation,

so I want to adapt it on my own robot Neuromeka IndyRp2 robot manipulator.

I found the moveit_config file from Neuromeka github.

  1. Do you think is it possible to connect omniverse-to-my own robot using ROS moveit example ?

If so, could you give some idea for the connection ?

  1. Is it possible to adapt Open Manipulation Planning Library (OMPL) to my robot in Omniverse ?

Thank you.


First step will be to import your robot model and get it working in the simulation.

For docs click here

Then you should be able to set up the MoveIt connection in the same way that the sample does with the default robot.

Regarding OMPL, you could try the Python bindings in the Python user programming environment of the IsaacSim application. I’ll ask around to see if anyone here has tried that already.

The ROS moveit connection uses a standard Joint state message which provides the target joint angle for each joint. As long as your planning stack (OMPL or Moveit) can provide that then it will work, there is no moveit specific code in the ROS bridge so it should be flexible.

You can rostopic echo /joint_command with the existing moveit sample to see the commands being sent by moveit to isaac sim.