Launching the velodyne lidar VLP16 is getting failed, this is while it is working with ROS

Hi SivaRama,

My issue got solved. I wasn’t using the sensor ip address, I was using the Drive AGX ip address,

So I am writing the steps that I did for the ones having issue with the connection of lidar VELO_VLP16

  1. Connect the lidar to your pc and use the Wireshark to find out the ip address of the sensor.

  2. Connect the lidar to your Drive AGX and use: ip addr show the name,

  3. sudo ifconfig NAME(you found in step 2)

  4. sudo /usr/local/driveworks/bin/sample_lidar_replay --protocol=lidar.socket --params=ip= address of sensor),port=2368,scan-frequency=10,device=VELO_VLP16

Hopefully, it helps other people facing the same problem as me.

Thank you SivaRam.