Livox MID360

Hi, the company I work for has been experimenting with this lidar for use on our new robotic platform. We are in the scale up stage and looking to reduce cost. I have been having great progress with the isaac sim for Ouster OS1 simulation etc but the livox mid360 has a non repetitive scanning pattern meaning the scan lines are more random. Given the low price point of this lidar I think it will become very popular but currently it isn’t possible to simulate its scan in isaac sim. Do you think it would be possible to add the ability to simulate non repetitive lidar scans in the future? Livox Mid-360

Hi @rbelshaw - If there is a lidar model available for general public from this company then we can incorporate it in Isaac Sim.

I can create a simulation of this lidar with a repetitive scan. The problem is the real livox MID360 lidar has a non-repetitive scan. This means that the vertical scan lines are in more random positions than a traditional lidar. I was wondering if this kind of lidar would be supported in the future.

Currently we have these models in Isaac Sim

You can reach out to their forum, and ask if they want to incorporate their model in Isaac Sim. If they like to then we can include it.

@rthaker Hi! At the end of March, I reached out to Livox via email to inquire whether they were interested in integrating their models into Isaac Sim, but I haven’t heard back from them yet.
I’m wondering if we could develop Isaac sensor plugin for the mid360 sensor on our own. Do you know if there are any tutorials or documentation available for this? Since there’s already a mid360 sensor plugin implemented in Gazebo.