Making a Carrier Board capable of 6S battery input


I am planning to have a 6S battery so about max of 25.2V as the input voltage to my carrier board. I am wondering where and it what ways I will have to make changes to the schematic of the xavier nx devkit carrier board.

I will have to change the zener diode voltage, have some higher voltage rated capacitors and maybe have more capacitors since the noise caused by the motors of a drone which this carrier board will be on is high. Also since voltage fluctuation should be expected to be high, maybe I should also have quite a margin between the battery max voltage and the voltage rating of the capacitor. Is this correct?

I am also wondering if the DC Jack unplug circuit on the button Power MCU schematic page has to be changed because of the higher voltage of the battery since I don’t quite understand the circuit and haven’t found an explanation on this circuit.

Here is the circuit I am talking about:

Thanks in advance,

Hi, do you mean change on devkit or your custom board? Devkit is only for development and should not be changed for product, and its DC power supply should be 9~20V. If on your own custom board, suggest to convert VDD_DCIN to proper level first. The unplug detection circuit can be kept.


This is for a custom carrier board. My 5V output DC DC regulator would be able to handle the voltage of 26V so shouldn’t I just put my zener diode voltage higher and use some higher voltage rated capacitors? I don’t want to lose so much efficiency by having 2 regulators to get me to 5V.


That’s OK then.

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