Minecraft RTX reflections

I recently got Minecraft RTX and the Quake 2 RTX demo, and realized, in Quake 2 RTX, there are player reflections in the glass and player shadows. I was wondering if you can do the same technique for Minecraft RTX? Thanks!

Hello there @pantantuna and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Reflections are already possible in Bedrock edition in any world that has the right texture packs. I suggest you load the “COLOR, LIGHT AND SHADOW RTX” pack from NVIDIA to check it out.

That said, you will need to go into third person view to see your character’s reflection. The reason for that is probably that in first-person view the character is “visible” to world objects and not being reflected as such. But that would be something for the Minecraft developers to answer.

With respect to RTX technology any object in a world that is based on an RTX enabled texture pack will have proper reflections and shadows.

I hope that helps!

I know that. i have tried it! i was just wondering how you added the player reflections in quake 2 rtx, and, even if you see a tiny bit of the feet of the player, if you can add it, even if its an addon?

In Quake the player model is rendered even in first person mode. So there was no need to add specific player reflections. Reflections show what the render engine can see from a certain viewpoint. In Quake it can see the player model at all times, in Minecraft it apparently can not unless in third person view.

Minecraft is developed by Mohjang/Microsoft, not NVIDIA. The RTX technology was added with help from NVIDIA, but we were not involved in the character rendering. So sadly there is no Mod from NVIDIA or similar that could simply be applied to Minecraft to change that.

I’m pretty new here, but I’ll try my best to help you out. Minecraft RTX is so cool, isn’t it?

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Yes indeed, Minecraft RTX i very nice.